Sunday, 29 April 2012

Butoh & Sound Night at OT301 May 3rd

Butoh & Sound night at OT301 with live solo performances by Sakurako, Stefano Taiuti and a special quest Alessandro Pintus (Rome). 

Stefano Taiuti’s installation and performance “Still Water” (21 min) deals with simple elements: water, light, space, time, and the human body, which is presented as an object of nature. The dance is in a reduced space where silent almost motionless drama is taking place.

The human condition is the main subject matter of “Emergency Exit Now-Here” (20 min) performed by Sakurako, addressing the concepts of ego and the self. The heroine is undergoing a dramatic transformation in a search of a new feminine way of being in the world, exposing the ego in an attempt to reveal the true self.

The evening’s final performance is an Amsterdam premier of “Rubedo” (30 min) by Alessandro Pintus (Rome). According to the ancient alchemy, Rubedo means the third and last stage of alchemical opera, the ability to transform the raw material into gold. Metaphorically speaking is the last process of elevation of the human spirit to rediscover its true divine nature. Rubedo is a mute cry that wakes up the authentic and urgent need for a new genesis.

May 4th & 5th there is an intensive workshop led by Alessandro Pintus at the dance studio at the NDSM (Amsterdam Noord) open for all levels of participants. For registration please send an email to